Personal Office Management, Inc. specializes in assisting high net worth individuals and their families with the ongoing organization and management of paperwork, processes and projects related to their personal finances. Our clients have financial teams consisting of bankers, planners, CPAs, attorneys, and insurance and investment advisors. We "fill the gap", doing what the other financial professionals do not, as we work in the home managing and coordinating the home office. Personal Office Management, Inc. completes the successful individual’s financial team.

Many of our relationships include opening and sorting mail, creating a filing system, purging and shredding unneeded papers, bill pay using online capabilities or Quicken, assistance with household budgets, organization of paperwork for income taxes, tracking cost basis for real estate and completing balance sheets. At times we act as house managers troubleshooting utility issues, coordinating annual maintenance, and overseeing home improvement and construction projects. Additionally, we work closely with the client's financial team to coordinate and attend meetings, complete paperwork, or research needs such as additional insurance, a mortgage or loan, or an investment opportunity. We customize our services to meet the client's needs.

We form strong relationships with our clients. Our goal is to build trust, so they feel comfortable passing along more and more of their needs to us. This then allows our clients the free time and peace of mind to do whatever it is that is important to them.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of it to anyone else.” - Charles Dickens