For Trusted Advisors
The service provider who works with high net worth individuals and their families: attorney, CPA, financial planner, family office executive, banker, and money manager can depend upon Personal Office Management Inc. to:

  • Provide critical documents and information
  • Act as a conduit to get things done quickly on the client’s behalf
  • Arrange and attend meetings for critical life changes or reviews
  • Complete needed forms, applications and documents
  • Interact with client and support day to day needs at home

Our referrals and introductions to clients come from the many professionals who understand and value our services, and our reputation for caring and objective personal office management.

When an individual or family goes through a transition, it often comes with stress, decision-making, paperwork and discussion. We manage the process by completing research, organizing information, making phone calls, coordinating meetings and setting action plans to make the process efficient and objective.

As an advisor, you have a unique opportunity to detect when a client is in need of the services of Personal Office Management, Inc. Whether the client simply leads a dynamic lifestyle involving travel, board work, running a business or managing multiple homes, or has a life event requiring immediate attention, we welcome the opportunity to discuss the relationship in a confidential/no obligation meeting. Because you are identifying Personal Office Management, Inc. as a solution to your client’s needs, you will differentiate yourself as someone looking at all aspects of the client’s life. Please contact us to speak to one of our Principals and learn more about how we can add value to your client relationships.

We do not complete estate plans or trust documents, but we do ensure that accounts are properly titled, and that meetings occur if changes or updates need to be made.

We do not complete financial plans but we do gather all needed paperwork and information, accounts, real estate holdings, investments etc. to provide to the financial planner.

We do not provide tax advice or complete tax returns, but we do organize the client’s files, and incoming mail, and gather all needed paperwork for annual tax preparation.

“I have known the founders of Personal Office Management for many years and developed respect for their professionalism and their industry knowledge long ago. It has been a new pleasure to know them as principals of P.O.M. I am familiar with numerous of their clients whose needs range from a single service to broad support. They handle each with intelligence, knowledge, experience, maturity and a very pleasant personal touch.
I enthusiastically recommend working with P.O.M.”
- Lynn, Chicago