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Personal Office Management, Inc. was cofounded by Dawnmarie Domingo and April Rietjens Sedall in 2010. Both former Wealth Management bankers, having worked with many wealth clients – executives, professionals, business owners, multi–generational family members and entrepreneurs, they saw the need to assist these individuals with their personal office and financial needs.

“At Personal Office Management, we understand how to treat clients, care for their needs, look-out for their best interests and navigate the maze of paperwork involved in much of their lives. We can add value, be helpful and utilize our skill set and experience.”
                                                                                         Dawnmarie Domingo, Principal

“POM efficiently and effectively took the lead on organizing both my home and professional offices in a very short period of time, allowing a mom with two small children and a start up business to focus on the most important aspects of a busy life! Not only are they professional to work with, but also friendly, personable and mindful of the impact we have on our earth. From driving an energy efficient car to encouraging paperless communication, billing and filing as much as possible POM is true to their mission to the core! I highly recommend POM to all.”
- Jessica Swoyer Green - Owner The Gentleman Farmer